About Us

About Us

Rooms, Covers ’N Solar has built a strong reputation in building quality patio products since 1972. We are currently celebrating our 48th year serving Orange County and the Southern California area.

Our success in this competitive industry is attributed to our continual commitment of “…Providing every customer with a quality product they will enjoy at a price they can afford.”

This work ethic has led to Rooms, Covers ’N Solar again being named the #1 Alum-A-Wood patio cover company in the United States for the 21st year in a row. This has led to a volume of success that provides our company the ability to qualify for exceptional levels of manufacturer rebates and discounts. Rooms, Covers ’N Solar is then able to pass these discounts on to our customers. This uncompromising belief in our mission statement is the cornerstone of our business. Rooms, Covers ’N Solar commitment reaches even farther, as we choose to issue a price guarantee to match or beat any written competitive quote on patio covers and patio room enclosures.

Rooms, Covers ’N Solar adheres to, and exceeds, the code requirements of the patio industry. We are a licensed contractor (Lic. 517575) that continually remains updated with the rapidly changing new building code standards. Rooms, Covers ’N Solar has a large staff of all factory trained personnel and therefore does not use sub-contractors on our patio installations. With safety in mind, we carry a liability insurance policy to protect your family, and Workman’s Comp Insurance for all our workers. Rooms, Covers ’N Solar is a company with uncommon integrity and a high commitment to customer satisfaction, and thus takes pride in being a member of the Better Business Bureau in good standing with an A+ rating.

People want to find a go-to resource for their patio cover, enclosure and sunroom needs. With over 45 years of experience, Rooms, Covers ’N Solar can simplify the search for the perfect patio cover or enclosure. We offer a wide range of products including Alum-A-Wood patio covers, Patio Room Enclosures, concrete work and electrical installation.  Our patio product line and design experience has created a one stop shopping venue for all of your outdoor living requirements. To properly display these products, we have a beautiful showroom centrally located to all of Southern California at 840 S. Rochester Avenue, Suite C. in Ontario, CA. Our showroom is completely furnished so that you can see, touch, and imagine your dream room or backyard. Most companies only offer a picture and a promise… Rooms, Covers ’N Solar lets you experience it.

Rooms, Covers ’N Solar has the experience, product offering, and levels of service and commitment to make your backyard dream a backyard reality. Please come and see for yourself.


Licensed, Bonded
& Insured



Licensed, Bonded & Insured

Our Process

You make your appointment…call us at (909) 390-0555 or (since you’re here) go to our Free In-Home Estimate page and fill out your information. One of our representatives will call you to arrange the best time for one of our Sales Reps to come to your home to discuss your project.

A Rooms, Covers ’N Solar Sales Rep will arrive to introduce you to our product line of Patio Covers and/or Patio Enclosures. He will be able to take your input and provide you with a bid for us to complete you project.

An agreement can be signed at this point, or if you want to think it over, the Sales Rep will leave you a quote that’s good for 30 days. Standard California right of rescission applies, which means that you are able to cancel up to the third business day after signing.

If you would like to finance your project, we have programs available that will fit your criteria. Your Sales Rep can cover all of those with you on his visit, explaining all the terms and costs for each option.

After your project is laid out and an agreement is signed, the engineering phase is begun. If a site check is required for special conditions at your home, someone from that office will arrange a visit. Most jobs use standard engineering prints for your product, and the calculations can be completed at the office.

The permit application process is next. Some cities give us the permits immediately. This process can take one day or several weeks (see below.) We will keep you advised of the process if they take your job into plan check.

Possible delay to our timeline. As mentioned above, some cities take a percentage of jobs for a plan check of the engineering. This is a random event, and it should be mentioned at point of sale or site check. If this happens, you will be advised, and whatever time is added for the plan check will be added to your timeline for job completion. This delay is out of our control if it occurs, and your understanding is appreciated. No materials can be ordered until the city/county agree to the permit.

At receipt of permit, we will pick it up and place it in your job folder. This permit will be delivered to you at project installation and is yours to keep. A copy should be retained at the city or county. Having this permit in your files will ensure a smooth transition should you decide to sell your house at a later date.

Order placement with the factory. On average, it take 14 business days for the factory to complete your order. They generally confirm our order with 48 hours, which allows us to arrange an install date with you.

The day is here! Time for us to build your patio cover or enclosure. We allow a week for this to take place. In your agreement, you should have a start week and finish week. This means, barring any weather delays, etc. that if we start on a Tuesday we should be finished by the following Tuesday, or Wednesday to Wednesday, etc. Any concrete work or demolition should have already been accomplished while your project was on order. Any unusual delays should have been discussed with you. If everything goes according to plan it will not take the full week, but allowing a little extra time is always prudent. Final payment can be given to your installers upon completion.

We will clean up after ourselves at the end of construction. Placing tarps down under the cutting tables makes this a fairly straight-forward process, one which we think is very important.

Happy customer! Our ultimate goal here at Rooms, Covers ’N Solar. The entire process usually covers 3-6 weeks. As mentioned before, the HOA and city permit processes may slow us down a little, but we will keep you in the loop should that happen. Thank you for being a Rooms, Covers ’N Solar customer!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is financing available?

Yes. We provide options of 3, 6, or 12-months same as cash financing. Signature loans are also available with rates as low as 7%.

Can I walk on the patio covers?

The covers are not designed to hold that much weight in a small area. We do offer an 3″ insulated cover for $5.00 per square foot more that can be walked on. That cover can be trimmed out in alumawood, giving it much the same appearance.

Can a cover be attached to the overhang on my house?

Typically, yes. There is a limit to how much overhang is allowed due to wind forces. Usually the fascia can be trimmed to allow us to attach to the house wall.

How about a hammock? Can I hang one of those?

We don’t recommend that you attach a hammock because the material is not designed to hold weight in that manner, but the post spacing is usually sufficient to put a free standing hammock between the posts for the same look.

Can I hang plants on the cover?

We have “aluma-hangers” to hang over the beam on the solid covers, and the lattice covers have lots of places to use fishing line or soft woven straps. You wouldn’t want to use anything that would scratch the paint.

Why do you use 6″ flat pans on your solid cover versus the competition, who uses an 18″ W-pan?

We think a 6″ pan looks better on a residence. It has much more of a wood plank look.

What if I have existing post straps?

We will cut them off flush with the concrete, and in some instances can cover them up with our posts.

Will I need footings?
Only if you do not already have a standard 3 1/2″ slab, or if you want a freestanding cover. On an attached patio cover we anchor the posts to the slab with red head anchors, eliminating the need for footings.
What if the wind does blow it down? Is that in the warranty?

That would mean that the wind limits were probably exceeded and an insurance claim would have to be filed. We would work with your insurance company to resolve the issue.

How does it stand up to the wind?

Our products are engineered for 90-110 mph winds. These ratings meet or exceed all city/county requirements.

Is aluminum hot? Does it radiate heat?

No. It reflects most of the heat. It would be warm to the touch on a hot day, but keep in mind it’s approximately 8′ away. The shade factor far outweighs any residual heat.