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Rooms, Covers ’N Solar started in 1974 in the mobile home industry. As products developed over the years, shade awnings began the move into the private home sector. Initially used as carports and looking very similar to what was used on mobile homes, the product line began to add more and more options, designs and functions for the personal home. The home shade business is now a booming industry, with functional, yet attractive possibilities for every style of home. Fixed flat pan or insulated full shade patio covers and airy Open Lattice style 50-50 shade structures have dominated for several decades, with the only changes being in color or trim. Of late, new products such as louvered panel covers have been introduced. They are considered almost the best of both worlds…allowing full shade / protection from the elements when needed, yet having the ability to open up and let the light in when desired. Virtually every housing development you pass will have many of these differing types of covers installed on every style of home.

A missing piece of the business model until now has been the commercial sector. Many businesses had shade structures attached to, or placed near, their companies. They served a myriad of uses, from decorative to functional. From outdoor eating areas, meditation gardens and waiting areas at government buildings, restaurants and hospitals to hiding propane tanks and electrical transformers to beautify the grounds, a lot of businesses have realized the usefulness of having this kind of construction. The only downside was that many of these had been built from wood or other materials that needed regular maintenance and care. Also, many of them were single purpose structures that either didn’t block all of the sun or didn’t keep out any of the rain. It may have been the best option available at the time, but now there is something better. Products with limited lifetime warranties that require minimal maintenance are available. Also, multi-function structures such as the louvered panel covers mentioned above can serve in all types of weather. Solar panels can be added to power individual structures at the time of build or added in later. This means lighting and power can be available without trenching or tapping off of the main power source.

Alumawood Solid and Open Lattice aluminum covers, Insulated Panel covers and Equinox Louvered Panel structures…All available in attached or free-standing designs for your business. Form and function in one.

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