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Our solar systems will help you save money and save our environment. Solar panels have no moving parts so they are almost maintenance free. You will have to hose them off now and again to keep the dust from building up.

The solar panels produce power during the day when the sun is on them. The sun hits the panels and it turns the light energy into DC electricity. From there, the electricity goes to the inverter and is changed to AC electricity that you have in your house. The extra power they produce flows on to the grid and turns your meter backwards.

In the evening you use the power you sent to the grid. With today’s inverters we use you can see the power your system is making in real time from your own home computer. We design the system size to keep you in tier 1 and 2, where electricity is inexpensive. By doing this the panels will pay for themselves in a short amount of time leaving you with almost no electric bill for years to come.

Our experienced staff will help you through the state and federal refund paperwork.


At Rooms, Covers, ’N Solar we are unlike most solar companies because we are licensed roofers, and rightly so.  What difference does it make if you get solar but have a company damage your roof?  Maybe your home has some roofing needs before we complete your solar?  Or, you may just need your roof repaired or replaced.  At Rooms, Covers, ’N Solar we can do both and we can do it under the law without cutting corners like other solar companies.


At Rooms, Covers, ’N Solar once again, we are unlike most solar companies because we are also licensed electricians.  Since poor electrical work can be a serious danger to you and your family, it is important that you do not cut corners on this important issue when you have someone install a solar system for your home and family.  At Rooms, Covers, ’N Solar we can handle any electrical issue that may arise and certainly have the knowledge and certification to do so.

Pool Pumps

Since we are all about saving you money and being environmentally responsible, replacing your old pool pump with a high efficiency pool pump makes a lot of sense.  This is a minor replacement that can make a huge difference in your electrical bill.  We regularly get requests to replace these energy hogs and are happy and capable to do so.  You will not regret this decision because this is a major area of energy waste when not addressed.

Lighting and Thermostat Retrofit

One area often overlooked is your lighting and thermostat.  With a simple lighting and energy audit of your home we can identify many areas that could save you a lot of money.  We are pleased to offer this service to enhance all of the other savings changes you have made on your home and make it a lean mean energy machine!

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